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About Afterpay

We invented Afterpay, with the mission of becoming the world’s favourite way to pay for what we call life’s little essentials.

Life’s little essentials are not your basics (like food and water) or the big things (like an education, a car or a home).

Life’s little essentials include the things that make life better, they inspire our individuality, our desires and our experiences.

Life’s little essentials include the clothes we wear; the things we need for our home or work; the sporting equipment; the experiences we want to have; the places we wish to go; the things we need to keep healthy and happy. They reflect and create our lifestyle.


We are firm believers that everyone is entitled to responsibly create the lifestyle that suits them, but planning and achieving this is not always easy. There are clear pitfalls to using traditional credit products to obtain get what you want, when you want it. Life can quickly become defined by the debt itself, rather than the things it acquired.

So that’s why we invented Afterpay – to enable people to responsibly budget, plan their spending and achieve their lifestyle goals,  while avoiding the traditional credit trap.

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