About Afterpay

In 2015, Afterpay founder, Nick Molnar, identified a shift in payment behaviour amongst Millennial shoppers and a preference towards debit cards and aversion of credit. Nick was motivated to create Afterpay to cater to this generational shift by offering customers an alternative to credit.

Afterpay’s model is simple; it charges retailers to offer customers interest-free instalment plans by splitting a purchase amount over 4 manageable fortnightly instalments, available both online and in-store. The service is free to customers who pay on time, with no interest and no contracts.

Responsible spending has been built into Afterpay’s DNA – these rules help users which means Afterpay won’t let customers revolve into debt, no exceptions.

Customers can’t use Afterpay until they pay each instalment. This is what makes Afterpay different. Approved spending limits are largely determined by customers’ repayment history. For those who have only recently joined Afterpay, spending limits will generally be smaller.

Today Afterpay has millions of customers globally. Our focus continues to be supporting our community of responsible spenders because this is good for the retailers that pay us and good for our community of Afterpay customers who tell us they love Afterpay because it helps them plan and budget.

Partner to drive next generation giving
Afterpay and 10x10 philanthropy

Afterpay is absolutely thrilled to partner with 10x10, one of the world’s most innovative philanthropic platforms. Learn more about 10x10

Afterpay and 10x10

10x10 and Afterpay will help grassroots charities access donors and volunteers by facilitating intimate events which bring next generation donors and charities face to face. Volunteers are assisted to form special committees and hold events where young donors meet and learn about 3 new charities. At the end of the night they decide who receives their for-purpose investment.

10x10’s innovative approach brings new generation donors together with charities that might struggle to access the wider donor community. So Afterpay’s experience supporting a new generation of responsible spenders to connect with retailers from around the world makes partnership with 10x10 an obvious choice. In particular 10x10 has captured the core values of millennials by allowing individual donors to see the causes they want to invest in up close – to touch and feel their commitment and their approach to addressing the issues of concern today. 

Together Afterpay and 10x10 will use this approach to drive exposure for more and more targeted, smaller and newer grass roots charities operating across the globe. 

Together Afterpay and 10x10 are catching the energy and power of a new generation that want to leave their mark, their way – helping achieve 10x10’s mission to empower the next generation of giving. And with this generation set to become the largest philanthropic donors in history, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.