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Shop Baby Bathing & Changing with Afterpay

Shop Baby Bathing & Changing with Afterpay


Baby bathing and changing is a real bonding experience between parents and their child, and a little extra love and care along the way with fluffy towels and snuggly blankets makes a big difference.


Afterpay’s thoughtful team knows the benefit in showering your child with love at this shared moment of the day, and has put together an extensive list of retailers who have all the items you need to get it just right.


A strong and sturdy baby changing table is one of the first items on the list, as after bathtime, your baby will rest there while you change it. Choose one that’s loaded with pockets so everything is easily within reach, including diapers, creams, wipes and powder.


A baby changing bin with a lid that closes securely will ensure any unpleasant smells are dealt with, and a pedal for opening the lid is a good idea for heightened hygiene. A changing mat in soft colours will soothe your little one before bedtime.


A portable changing mat is a great idea for vacations or visits to other people’s homes, so you can quickly and easily change your baby without too much disturbance to their routine.


Bathing your baby needs to be done safely, so a small tub or bath will ensure they aren’t put in too much water. A baby bathing thermometer will ensure the temperature is just right and some bright bath toys will brighten up the experience. A non-slip mat in the bath will ensure no untimely slipping and sliding.


Once you’ve filled your cart with all the essentials for making bathing and changing enjoyable and easy, scoot your cart to the checkout to make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.