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Shop Beach Essentials with Afterpay

Shop Beach Essentials with Afterpay


Beach essentials, whether you’re headed to the water for a day trip or extended holiday, are key to enjoying the sun, sand and surf safely.

The sun-loving team at Afterpay has put together this extensive list of retailers stocking all the things you’ll need for the most enjoyable trips to the seaside.

First things first: you’re going to need sun protection. A large beach umbrella or tent will provide shade to an extent, but sunscreen should always be applied. Look for SPF50+ and reapply every couple of hours. A wide brimmed sun hat offers a little more coverage, and will keep you head cool on particularly hot days.

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to swimsuits, bikinis, board shorts and togs, but something we all agree on is a long sleeved rash vest. Lightweight, fitted and flexible, they won’t restrict your movement when you’re swimming and will offer extra sun protection and peace of mind.

A beautiful and bright towel has many uses. You can use it to dry off when you step out of the ocean, then sit on while you’re enjoying a picnic or watching a sunset. If the car seat is too hot when you’re heading home, sit on it then too.

A large beach bag for books, wet swimmers, snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, toys, buckets and spades and sun hats is a great idea. Everyone will seem to have something they want you to carry, and you’ll also need a safe place for keys, wallets, sunglasses and other small valuables.

Once you’ve collected all these items, you’re fully prepared for a trip to the seaside. Head over to the checkout, utilise Afterpay’s easy instalment plan, and hit the road: surf’s up!