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Shop Camping & Hiking with Afterpay

Shop Camping & Hiking with Afterpay


Camping and hiking trips give us the chance to reconnect with nature, fill our lungs with clean, fresh air and get back to basics.

The outdoorsy team here at Afterpay have pulled together an extensive list of their favourite retailers so you can stock up on all the essential items that will ensure you’re fully prepared for your next adventure.

A tent and all the trappings is the first item to go in the car, unless you’re more into sleeping in a swag. It’s completely down to personal preference. A tent will give you a little more space to move around in and stow your gear, while a swag requires much less effort when it comes to setting up.

A polar fleece and some high quality thermals are an absolute must for evenings in the great outdoors. A little extra insulation goes a long way, even when you’re around the campfire and stargazing. Don’t forget to bring a firestarter, such as a lighter, waterproof matches or a flint and steel.

A wide brimmed hat and sunscreen, bandanna for mopping sweat and thermos are a couple of non-negotiables that will get you through days of hiking. A lightweight backpack will easily accommodate all these items, as well as some trail mix for energy.

Insect repellent and anti-itch cream for the inevitable bites, burns and stings are two items that will really make a difference if the mosquitos are out. They’re small but mighty, and if you’re not fast enough to repel them, you’ll at least be able to stop yourself from scratching with some soothing cream. A first aid kit should always be part of your luggage when camping and hiking.

Once you’ve loaded up your cart with these camping essentials, head over to the checkout to make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.