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Shop Costumes with Afterpay

Shop Costumes with Afterpay


Costumes allow adults and kids to suspend disbelief and become a superhero, a villain, a princess - whatever our heart desires - just for a day.


Here at Afterpay, we love indulging our fantasies too, and that’s why we have an extensive list of the best costume retailers and designers right here. Shopping online makes it easier and saves you time.


Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year, as adults and kids dream up the most elaborate dress ups and outfits to spook and scare as they celebrate the trick or treat holiday.


Book week is a classic in the school calendar, as kids transform into their favourite characters. It encourages reading as well as imagination, and dressing up as a magical character can really bring a story to life.


The most popular adult party themes are Great Gatsy, which calls for the glamour of the roaring 20s with flapper dresses, feathers, pearls and tuxedos, and masquerade balls, where identities are hidden behind elaborately decorated masks.


Kids costumes are easy to create as well, if you pick up the right craft supplies online. So if there’s a request for something a bit left-of-field that you can’t find ready made, this way you can create the outfit with craft glue and other supplies.


Matching outfits for couples, or themes for the entire family, are a way to turn heads and maybe win the best-dressed prize at an event or party.


Other accessories such as wigs, oversized glasses, fake teeth, sparkling jewels and other props are what really bring a character to life, so fill that basket and zip over to the check out. Once you’re there, look for Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.