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Shop Gaming & Consoles with Afterpay

Shop Gaming & Consoles with Afterpay


Gaming and consoles come hand in hand, and there are so many other accessories that can make your virtual life more enjoyable.

The tech aficionados here at Afterpay have pooled their knowledge to bring you this comprehensive directory of retailers so you can choose and purchase the consoles and technology that will make your experience even better.

Basic gaming consoles are making a comeback as nostalgia sweeps the market and we all want to go back to basics when things were more simple. They’re easy to use, it’s really just like riding a bike, and there’s a comfortable feeling about it because it reminds us of when we were kids.

Virtual reality gaming has really upped the ante on what you can experience right from home. It allows you to feel as though you’re inside the game, instead of just watching it play out on a screen. Bluetooth headsets enhance the experience, as you won’t be bothered by pesky cables.

To really get into the hobby, a key accessory is a headset with great surround sound and a microphone. Since you’re going to be using it for hours on end, It’s important that the ear pads are comfortable and sit around your ear.

Gaming keyboards are a great accessory for really getting into the action. They’re hardy and will withstand a pounding when you’re caught up in the moment, and come with a mini joystick you can program that will respond to the movement of your thumb.

Gamer gloves are the ultimate accessory for hardcore gamers. Sweaty hands are a byproduct of adrenaline pumping, and the slightest slip can cost you a virtual life. Slipping on a lightweight pair of moisture wicking gloves will ensure you have a good grip and more precision.