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Shop Health Care with Afterpay

Shop Health Care with Afterpay


Health care starts at home, and being prepared for cuts and scrapes, sore throats and colds, headaches and more will save you a lot of time later on.

The caring experts at Afterpay have put together this all-encompassing collection of retailers so you can put together a First Aid kit for your home, ensuring you’re ready for any eventuality.

Bandaids, bandages, rolls of gauze and tape as well as a pair of dedicated scissors are the first things you should think about collecting. They’re easy and affordable, and when you need them they’re going to be easily on hand. Think about watching a few quick videos so you know how to tie a sling or support a fracture in an emergency.

Bites and stings are a common health care issue, especially in the summer months. Having anti-itch and antibacterial solutions to clean cuts, or soothe bites, itches, stings will ensure you can get on with your day without that niggling irritation or pain.

Sore throats, coughs and colds can be soothed with throat lozenges, gargles, eucalyptus rubs or inhalant oils that will help to decongest the sinuses and numb the throat. You never know when a cold will creep up, but it’s ideal to have treatments on hand when they hit unexpectedly,

Painkillers should always be in your home care kit, in tablet form for adults and liquid form for children. Bringing down a fever, eliminating a headache or soothing muscle aches and pains is achievable with a little one off medication.

A large airtight storage container is the best place to store all the items in your health care kit, so that they’re protected and dry. Alway remember to check the use-by dates before administering any products.