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Shop Home Security with Afterpay

Shop Home Security with Afterpay


Home security is becoming so advanced that you can manage it as equally from inside your home as you can from the other side of the world. Imagine the peace of mind that brings when you’re relaxing on a beach in Barbados, or skiing the slopes of the Matterhorn.

The safety-first team here at Afterpay have put together an extensive list of retailers who are stocking everything you need, from alarm systems to closed circuit cameras, wifi cameras and DIY solutions.

Alarm systems have come along in leaps and bounds, and today it’s almost crazy to not have one installed. These systems will alert you if there’s any unauthorised entry to your home or breach of the perimeter, there are motion sensors in place and you can control everything remotely.

Imagine being on holiday or a business trip and being able to log in remotely and check in real-time via wireless cameras how your property is faring. Perhaps you’ve been alerted by the camera’s motion detector that there was movement logged. You simply connect to the system, even via mobile phone, and see what’s going on.

There are loads of DIY home security systems if you prefer setting yourself up. Video doorbells have become a hit recently, as you’re able to speak to delivery people or visitors remotely, or simply do a quick safety check to verify an identity before you open the door to someone.

Most security systems are now so minimalist and unobtrusive that you, and any unwanted visitors, will hardly know they’re there. They’re sleek, high-tech and easy to set up, but most of all, they allow you the peace of mind you deserve.

Once you’ve decided which home security system best suits your needs, zip over to the online checkout and take advantage of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.