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Shop Home Theatre with Afterpay

Shop Home Theatre with Afterpay


Home theatres up the entertainment level in your home, especially for movie nights, televised world events and big sports days.

The experts here at Afterpay have put together a list of the best home entertainment retailers so you can easily find everything from projectors, surround sound systems, receivers, cables, sources, programmable remotes and surge protectors.

First of all, choose whether you want a screen or projection system. If you opt for a flat screen, it’s important to get the size right for an optimal viewing experience. This is best done by ensuring the distance from the screen to you is at least three times the height of the screen.

If you decide a projector suits your needs better, you’ll be pleased to know there are HD projectors on the market that will give a full HD viewing experience. They’re compact, affordable and highly recommended by professionals.

For an immersive audio experience that will make you feel as though you’re at the cinema, surround sound is key. The range is extensive, starting with simple sound bars and going right up to 12 speaker systems with high-end AV processors and amplifiers.

A receiver is seen as the nerve centre of your home theatre set up, driving your sound system and switching between audio and video components. It’s worth its weight in gold, and if you’re not confident in setting it up yourself, ask for assistance with installation.

Our list of retailers have all kinds of cables covered, including: video cables, audio cables, S-cables, HDMI cables and more. A TV cabinet or similar furniture and speaker stands are other components to think about, as your entertainment system should be properly housed.

Once you’ve dreamed up the entertainment system you want, make it a reality by shopping online with Afterpay’s easy instalment payment plan.