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Shop Men's Coats & Jackets with Afterpay

Shop Men's Coats & Jackets with Afterpay


Men’s jackets and coats come in all shapes and sizes and have the magic ability to transform and define an outfit instantly.


Here at Afterpay we love shrugging on a blazer, and have some expert insights into who the best retailers and designers are. We’ve collated them into this easy-to-use directory, so you can scroll down and style up.


Bring your casual wardrobe up a few points with a buttery soft leather jacket. They bring a masculine element to your outfit and come in a variety of colours. Choose a warm chocolate leather or a smooth tan.


Men’s suit jackets can be a requirement if you have to suit up for work. It’s a good idea to have a few of these hanging in your closet. The trick is to ensure the cut fits you, with vents in the right places and the sleeve length sitting comfortably.


A good winter coat might well be the best investment you ever make. Look for natural fibres that will breathe with you while providing insulation against the chill. A snug winter jacket with pockets is always a great option for a chilly commute on a cold morning.


An active lifestyle calls for a waterproof men’s jacket so the weather never slows you down. A great feature is a hood with a drawstring too, so you can stay warm and dry even though you’re out in the elements. Zippered pockets with waterproofing are a good idea too, so your smartphone doesn’t get drenched.


There are so many aspects of life, whether work or weekend, that call for a different type of coat or jacket. Take your time to think about what you need, fill your virtual cart and zip to the checkout so you can take advantage of Afterpay’s easy instalments.