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Shop Men's Handkerchiefs with Afterpay

Shop Men's Handkerchiefs with Afterpay


Men’s handkerchiefs are a daily essential and everyone should have one in their pocket at all times.

At Afterpay, we like the small details in wardrobes and have created a carefully selected list of retailers so you can stock up on one of the most versatile accessories you can own.

If you’re a sufferer of hayfever, a handkerchief is a no-brainer and it’s likely you already have a large supply. For you, this is one of those basic wardrobe items that needs to be updated often, just like your underwear drawer.

Look for men’s handkerchiefs made from natural fibres and high quality materials. Since you may be using it to take care of blowing your nose, you’ll want it to be a soft, cottony fabric that’s gentle on the skin.

There are many other uses for men’s handkerchiefs that you might not have realised, and we’re not talking about mopping up spilled coffee - although that’s a realistic option.

Tying it as a bandanna around your neck for a weekend adventure, hike or camping trip will lend an intrepid explorer vibe to your outfit. It’ll soak up sweat on hotter days too, so you’ll be more comfortable as you explore.

Channel an edgy rocker vibe and pop one corner into the back pocket of your jeans so you can emulate the lead guitarist of a 90s rock n roll band.

Whatever your vibe, check the size first. Men’s handkerchiefs come in larger sizes than women’s so you’ll want to ensure yours is in proportion. The size is easily folded into a pocket square as well so you can use it to add a little flair to a blazer.

Once you have a selection of men’s handkerchiefs, head to the online check out to take advantage of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.