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Shop Men's Hats with Afterpay

Shop Men's Hats with Afterpay


Men’s hats are one of those versatile accessories that you almost can’t live without. They’re unbelievably easy to wear and will keep you warm in winter and looking cool in summer.


The team at Afterpay is a huge fan of caps, beanies,visors, straw options for summer and all other headgear you can think of. To make it easier for you, we’ve carefully created this specific directory of the best retailers and designers.


The classic baseball cap is the number one favourite, all across the globe. Whether it’s the branded merchandise of a sports team, showcasing a designer name, announcing a slogan loud and proud or is a simple block colour, we love them all. One difference in design to look out for is whether it comes with an elasticated or adjustable strap, and whether that’s made of plastic or fabric.


Ski trips, weekend wanderings or cold commutes call for a beanie and you can really bring out your personality when you’re choosing one. A trip to the office might be best matched with a crisp navy blue or chic black, but ski trips require outrageously bright colours so you can be spotted easily on the slopes and get the party going when the lifts close.


A chic men’s straw hat is a must-have during the summer months, and a colourful band is a great way to inject a little fun into a classic look. There’s an added benefit too, as it’ll offer invaluable protection from the sun.


A soft fabric bucket design is a great investment as they’re affordable and fold up easily into a backpack or glove compartment in the car. You might need a men’s hat when you least expect it, but this way, you’ll be prepared.