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Shop Men's Jewellery with Afterpay

Shop Men's Jewellery with Afterpay


Men’s jewellery is a great way to inject a little of your personality into whatever you’re wearing.


Here at Afterpay, we’ve put together our favourite retailers who create some of the most desirable and affordable pieces available today. Browse the collection to find what embodies your personal style.


A bracelet is an ideal way of expressing your personality, and can be worn to accessorise a suit and tie or add some character to an off-duty ensemble. Beaded bracelets made of resin beads, woven wrist wraps with details such as medallions and trinkets or bangles with a close fit can be stacked or worn alone. It’s up to you.


A chain around the neck can be hidden under a shirt during office hours and come out to play when you’re off the clock. Decide whether gold or silver suits your skin tone, then choose a pendant that’s meaningful to you. You can wear one necklace alone or layer them for more impact. Beaded edits lend a boho-luxe, hipster vibe to a white T-shirt and jeans combination.


Rings can be worn alone or stacked for an edgy effect. Again, go with the metal tone that suits your skin and look out for black metals as well which can add a suave, sophisticated air. Minimalist designs are available as well as highly detailed ones with jewels, engraving and more.


Earrings come as singles or sets, which makes things easier if you have more than one piercing. Studs and hoops are easily found, as well as handmade pieces of men’s jewellery with unique designs that are sure to turn heads.


Once you’ve selected the men’s jewellery that best suits you, take your cart to the virtual check-out so you can make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment option.