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Shop Men's Scarves with Afterpay

Shop Men's Scarves with Afterpay


Men’s scarves are the true style signature in a man’s wardrobe. They’re relevant all year round, and have the ability to add a pop of personality to whatever you’re wearing.


Here at Afterpay, we love accessories that can instantly transform a look and that’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite retailers so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


Winter calls for a snuggly and soft array of scarves that will keep you warm on frosty morning commutes and evenings out. Look for options made from natural fibres such as soft wool or cashmere, that will provide the right amount of insulation without creating unnecessary bulk. Fringing at the edges can lend a bit of playful movement.


Men’s scarves made from lightweight cotton design are ideal for holidays. Pastel and neutral colours are the best options as they will blend into your existing wardrobe and can quickly be added to any outfit when unexpected weather hits. A lightweight scarf also adds a touch of European style to your ensemble.


Silk scarves are the epitome of luxury and you deserve to indulge. Don’t hold back on the colours and patterns: the brighter, the better. Tie these with a crisp white shirt for social soirees with a dress code and for moments where you want to impress.


One of the best things about scarves is that they make a difference on a cold day, and are easily packed into a car, suitcase, backpack or office drawer so you can have one on hand at all times.


Once you have selected a range of men’s scarves to add that extra element to your wardrobe, head over to the check-out to make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.