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Shop Men's Sleepwear with Afterpay

Shop Men's Sleepwear with Afterpay


Men’s sleepwear is ideal for relaxed moments at home, slow Sunday mornings and of course, restful nights. Indulging in high quality men’s pyjamas is a great way to treat yourself and exercise a bit of self-care and get a good night’s sleep.


While you were sleeping, here at Afterpay we were putting together a list of our favourite sleepwear retailers so you can shop from a variety of amazing retailers online without it being a nightmare. Simply opt for instalment payments at the checkout and you’re sure to sleep easy.


A favourite this year is men's modal sleepwear. Modal is a supersoft and durable alternative to cotton that’s mostly made from plant-based materials. Men’s sleepwear made from modal offers flexibility, moving comfortably with the body as you relax or sleep. It’s breathable too, so you’ll stay cool as you rest.


Hot summer nights always pose a problem for hot sleepers looking for cool and comfortable sleepwear. Light cotton and other breathable fabrics are readily available online, and stretchy t-shirts and elasticated shorts are great options for sleeping easy. You can mix and match these options too.


Shrugging on large men's sleepwear tops for movie nights at home or whipping up breakfast on the weekend is a cosy way to start or end the day. These provide just enough snuggly insulation to keep you warm in those first moments out of bed on a chilly morning.


Those who take their sports seriously or work out hard would be well advised to invest in men's performance sleepwear. Expertly made and technologically advanced, men’s performance sleepwear speeds up recovery by absorbing natural heat and reflecting it back into the skin.


Men's fine sleepwear is a true indulgence and one that you deserve. Crafted from pure silk with exceptional craftsmanship, these men’s pyjamas are for the true gentleman, and every man should have at least one item of men’s fine sleepwear.


Just because you’re asleep, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humour. Men's fun sleepwear in bright colours, cheeky slogans and playful prints are available from various retailers who think you should look stylish whether you’re awake or asleep.