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Shop Men's Slippers with Afterpay

Shop Men's Slippers with Afterpay


For a relaxing night in or a sleepy morning moment, a pair of men’s slippers are the ultimate indulgence. They’re designed to keep your feet cosy and warm, and are perfect when paired with pyjamas, your favourite tracksuit pants or a bathrobe.


The Afterpay team are firm believers in creature comforts, and think every man should have a pair of slippers to snuggle into on a cold morning or just to kick back in when chilling out. To help you find the right ones, we’ve gathered together a great bunch of retailers so you can find exactly what you need.


Remember that these are designed for relaxation and comfort, so take your time when checking the materials they’re made of. We’re looking for snuggly, warm, fluffy and cosy options, and natural fibres are always a good idea if you’re prone to sweaty feet.


Decide whether you want to have a bit more breathing space and pick up a backless pair you can slide into, or consider opting for a bit more coverage in the winter months with a bootie that will keep cold draughts away from your ankles.


Choosing a pair with a rubber sole gives a little more support and durability, and protection from cold kitchen and bathroom floors on wintery mornings. If you want to sneak out to check the mail or put the bin out, you won’t have to change out of your slippers if you have a pair with a non-slip rubber sole.


Men’s slippers don’t have to be a serious business. Inject a little humour into your wardrobe and pick up a novelty pair in the shape of cute fluffy animals or some brightly coloured ones that will put a smile on your face every time you slip them on.