Men's Suspenders

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Shop Men's Suspenders with Afterpay

Shop Men's Suspenders with Afterpay


Men’s suspenders are making a comeback as the fashion world looks for ways men can accessorise and let their personal style shine.


At Afterpay, we think accessories make all the difference to a well-dressed gent’s outfit. We’ve gathered together a collection of the best retailers and designers right here, so you can find exactly what you need to make your ensemble stand out from the crowd.


Men’s braces are typically thought of as an old-fashioned accessory that might be best suited to the corporate crowd but times are changing and so is the range and style available today.


While they can certainly be used to lend an air of suave sophistication to a tailored suit for corporate moments, they have been adapted to a younger, more hip crowd.


If you are wearing sharp suits through the working week, don’t hesitate to incorporate this masculine accessory into your daily get-up. Men’s suspenders look great with bow-ties as well as standard ties, so this accessory will blend right into your existing wardrobe while packing a punch.


Catch some retro vibes by pairing jeans and a bow-tie with everyone’s favourite new accessory. It adds an element of interesting character to a casual outfit, without pretension. It’s just good fashion. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable they are too, and you can style them on the shoulders, or allow them to hang loosely from your waistband for a more relaxed look.


Vibrant colours and detailed patterns make all the difference, especially stripes, so don’t be afraid to play up the fun factor. Once you’ve made your choices, zip your cart to the online check out where you can opt to pay in easy instalments with Afterpay.