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Shop Men's Ties with Afterpay

Shop Men's Ties with Afterpay


Men’s ties are one of those accessories that is making a comeback, even though they never really went anywhere. The ultimate preppy accessory, they can be a fashion statement or a requirement at work. Either way, you can make them an expression of your personality.


Here at Afterpay, we think accessories make a man. We’ve put our heads together to create a list of the best accessories retailers and designers that your wardrobe will benefit from for years.


If you’re required to wear a suit during the week, you’re going to need a selection of men’s ties that you can rotate and enjoy pairing and wearing. For corporate environments, stick to primary and dark colours, and indulge in some subtle patterns, such as spots or stripes to add a little depth to your tailored suit.


Bowties always add a playful element to an occasion. The design alone is fun, but the colours and patterns can really add to the look. Choose a bowtie with an adjustable strap so you’re comfortable, and consider a pair of suspenders to really up the ante.


Men’s ties come in a range of different materials which can really change up a look. Sleek silk ties lend an air of sophistication, while a textured knitted tie worn with a cardigan captures hipster vibes. Matching pocket squares are a great way to accentuate your level of chic.


There’s a place in every man’s wardrobe for a novelty tie, so have a bit of fun and choose some hilarious or brightly coloured ties that will inject a playful element into a special occasion or holiday party.


Once you’ve selected a variety of men’s ties, you can move your virtual cart to check-out, where you’ll find one more essential accessory. Afterpay’s easy instalment payment plan.