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Shop Men's Underwear with Afterpay

Shop Men's Underwear with Afterpay


A well organised man’s underwear drawer is the cornerstone of a well-stocked wardrobe, and is the true foundation of a sharply dressed man. Busy days and nights call for different types of men’s underwear, and these can all be easily found online.


Afterpay has covered all bases by gathering some of the top designers and retailers of men’s undergarments. Picking up your basics online means you have more options, and it’s quicker, easier and more affordable when you choose to pay in easy instalments.


Personal preference and occasion plays a role in the type of undergarments you prefer. There are many options to choose from, ranging from boxers and briefs, boyleg, high-cut and more. Men’s underwear is also readily available in a selection of vibrant colours, patterns and brand names.


Athletic and energetic men will agree that the best men's exercise underwear is purpose-made to breathe easily, move with the body throughout all movements and offer support. The best men’s active underwear won’t cause unsightly lines or roll uncomfortably or pinch at the waistband.


The best men's running underwear fits comfortably under breezy running shorts and come in supportive and stretchy designs that will have you feeling confident throughout your paces. There are many different types to choose from.


For those who require a little extra care, or suffer from chafing, there are many options of underwear for sensitive skin. Some are made from bamboo fabric and other amazingly soft natural materials which are more gentle on the skin and much more absorbent than cotton.


Men’s underwear shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and offer a good opportunity to have a bit of fun. Indulge in bright patterns and playful colours, or pick up a cheeky set of underpants with days of the week on them.


As the winter season rolls around, investing in men’s thermal underwear will keep you toasty warm, well insulated and ready to take on the day. Look for options in lightweight merino wool or high-tech fabric that wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and snug.