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Shop Men's Workwear with Afterpay

Shop Men's Workwear with Afterpay


High quality men’s workwear means you’ll be more efficient when you’re rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. Requirements and preferred details change depending on the season as well as the task at hand, and you’re likely to change things up from shorts to full-length trousers, t-shirts to hoodies.


You can get to work even faster by using Afterpay’s directory to find the most reliable retailers out there when it comes to getting tradies kitted up safely and comfortably. You can pay in instalments too, so it’s even easier to get the job done.


Look for outdoor trousers that are loaded with details. One of the most important features to look for in a workman’s trousers is a lot of pockets. These can be used for stashing small tools and personal belongings. For durability and long-life, opt for workwear pants with knee pads. These are flexible and comfortable, while offering a little extra padding and protection.


There are loads of men’s workwear tops that offer coverage and protection from the elements, and lighter options that promote breathability when working in closed cramped spaces or hot conditions. T-shirts, polo shirts, long-sleeved button down shirts and singlet tops are just some of the options for tops.


Clothing for tradies should be made with attention to detail as you need high quality craftsmanship, breathable materials that don’t restrict movements or weigh you down, and the items need to be at the right price point.


Men’s workwear hoodies are a great investment for those winter months when the alarm clock goes off early. Chucking on a snug warm hoodie will make those chilly early mornings all the more bearable.


When looking for where to buy your men’s workgear, Afterpay has you covered. Work boots, comfortable polo shirts, vests and other items will allow you to get dressed and get the job done.


Time your online shopping just right and you’ll find lots of e-retailers with tradie trousers for sale so you can snap up a bargain and have more options for the work week.