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Shop Prams with Afterpay

Shop Prams with Afterpay


Prams become an invaluable part of life when you start a family, so it’s important to select one that fits into your lifestyle and won’t slow you down.


Here at Afterpay, we’re well versed in the best baby products and have put together this comprehensive list of retailers who stock the very best products that will have you and baby on the move in no time.


Some of the features to look out for are pockets, including a shelf underneath for stowing loose items, and a tray for baby’s drink cup or snacks. Being able to stow things in easy to reach places will make life so much easier as you can immediately put your hand on keys, travel passes or sunglasses.


Inject a little fun into your outings with a brightly coloured or patterned baby carriage. It’ll be more enticing for your little one, and colour can have a great impact on your energy levels and confidence.


Selecting a pram that folds up well is essential for travel and car trips. Simply folding the pushchair into a compact shape that fits in an overhead locker or under a train seat will ensure you can travel light even with a family in tow.


Prams for running are a great way to stay fit and healthy, and baby can come along for the ride. With a lightweight frame and three wheels, you can strap your little one in securely, while you power walk or jog with the aerodynamic design supporting you as you sweat it out.


Once you’ve selected the perfect baby carriage that suits all your needs, roll over to the checkout where you can pay in easy instalments with Afterpay.