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Shop Schoolwear with Afterpay

Shop Schoolwear with Afterpay


Schoolwear is an essential category for all families with children, and it’s also one of the easiest wardrobe categories to get organised.


At Afterpay, we think that once uniform items are sorted, your family can focus on getting the balance of education and play just right. That’s why we’ve created this list of retailers who stock everything you need for the academic year.


Affordable schoolwear uniform items are easily found online, including dresses, pants, shirts, shorts, jumpers, blazers and socks and shoes. For winter, tights and turtle-necks blend into the usual selection of items.


Hats are an absolute must for Aussie kids, so ensure you pick up one with a wide brim that offers protection from the sun while they’re tearing around the playground.


Sports uniforms usually consist of standard items such as t-shirts, shorts and netball skirts, as well as sports socks and sneakers. Swimwear in required colours is also very easily found in our selection of stockists.


Schoolwear backpacks should have a generous interior that will easily accommodate sports clothes, books, pencil-case and tablet or laptop, as well as a lunch box. Kids love personalising their bag with a selection of keychains, so let them take ownership of the experience by choosing a few that will bring a smile to their face.


Lunch is one of the favourite times of the day, and a cool and colourful lunchbox and drink bottle are everyday essentials in a well-stocked backpack. A small ice pack for summer months will ensure nothing is spoiled in the heat.


A pencil case is the key to imaginatively created homework, so ensure your little one is loaded up with coloured markers, an array of grey lead pencils and pens and all the other essentials, such as pencil sharpeners and erasers.