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Shop Smart Home with Afterpay

Shop Smart Home with Afterpay


Smart homes are becoming the envy of anyone who is missing the wave of technology that’s sweeping through our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and all the rest.

The technologically advanced team at Afterpay have collated this comprehensive list of retailers so you can either top up your tech or catch up quick.

Running a smart home means you’re more energy efficient and are going to live much more comfortably by controlling things at home via your mobile phone.

Imagine driving home on a cold winter’s evening and being able to turn the heating on when you’re ten minutes from home. Or equally, the air conditioning during the peak of summer. It’s more efficient energy-wise, and you’ll appreciate it when the monthly bill arrives.

Cameras and security systems offer peace of mind, and allow you to log in using a computer or mobile device, and check up on your property at any time, in real time. Motion sensors and speakers will alert you to any unusual movement. If the doorbell rings, you can use cameras to check who it is and speak to them - even if you’re not home.

Program your house into a smart home and you can control almost anything right from your mobile phone. That includes feeding the pets, boiling the kettle or opening the blinds. You name it - it can be done.

Bluetooth speakers and universal remotes are small and easy ways to up the technology aspect of your home, and they’re really easy to program.

Smart locks are a great way to keep your house secure and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again. Just don’t forget your entry code.

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