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Shop Storage with Afterpay

Shop Storage with Afterpay


Storage is one of those magical things that can make your house seem unbelievably organised, and once the initial work is done, you’ll have systems in place forever.

The very organised team here at Afterpay has put together a list of retailers with the best, most clever solutions for your home so you can get your things in order starting now.

Kitchen cupboards can be easily arranged by ending the endless supply of cardboard boxes and half eaten packets of biscuits by investing in a supply of transparent airtight containers. This way, your pantry will be chic and stylishly organised, and it will be clear where things belong.

Storage options for linen can be in the form of vacuum bags so they take up less space, or investing in furniture that has drawers or built in space for storing extra pillows, sheets, blankets and towels. It will free up more room in your laundry and remove clutter from your wardrobe and bathroom cupboards.

Investing in plastic storage containers is money well spent. Toys and other miscellaneous items can be popped in and sealed up until it’s time to play again. Having easy-to-use tidy boxes will encourage healthy habits in children that they will take with them into later life.

Vacuum bags are a great solution for preserving winter clothes during summer, and vice versa. You’ll find so much more space in your wardrobe for your collection of seasonal clothing, and getting dressed will be a much more relaxed experience.

Smaller items are easily organised with the use of jewellery drawers that come in handy transparent material so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in an instant.