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Shop Wellness with Afterpay

Shop Wellness with Afterpay


Wellness starts at home, and there is a wide range of products you might not even know about that can enhance your quality of life and level of self care, without any effort from you.

The thoughtful team at Afterpay have put together a list of our favourite wellness retailers, who stock everything from skincare products to air filters and purifiers, supplements, hair analysis kits and even books so you can learn more about the subject.

Skincare products that promote wellness are innovative and made from mostly organic products with the odd exception here and there. They are lightweight on the skin, and infuse it with vitamins and nutrients that rejuvenate and leave you with a soft and glowing complexion.

Air filters and purifiers are essential as we try to promote a hygienic environment in our homes. Mold, dust and bacteria are all eliminated by simply plugging in an air purifier and letting it work its magic, saving us from breathing in these things.

Supplements are made to increase the levels of what your body is low on, in the fastest way. That’s usually tablet or powder from, and if you prefer, you can mix these into a morning smoothie with some healthy berries or other fruit. Magnesium, iron, calcium or a mix of multivitamins will put the bounce back in your step.

A hair analysis kit can be used on you, or a pet, and allows you to complete a small and simple test that will let you know if you’re experiencing any vitamin or mineral imbalances. This will allow you to identify any area of your health you can improve on.

Once you’ve picked out all the things you need for home wellness, scoot your cart to the online check out for Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.