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Shop Women's Activewear with Afterpay

Shop Women's Activewear with Afterpay


Shopping for chic sports gear online means you’ll have more time to get out and get active. Women’s activewear comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, and there’s something for every age, shape and personal style.


Afterpay wants you to break a sweat, but not by stressing about online payments. Make the most of your shopping experience by browsing athletic wear retailers big and boutique, and save the sweating for the gym.


In recent years, women’s activewear has become a style statement and taken on a personality of its own. Gone are the days when women’s sports clothes were worn only for trips to the gym. They’ve come into their own and are worn to inject style and energy into the everyday, allowing busy women to go from A to B in comfort and style.


Watch out for sports tops that are packed with details. Make a style statement when you’re on the track or playing sport with trending strappy backs or keep it sleek with a cutaway racer back. Warmer months call for cropped designs that expose a toned waist or can be layered over a singlet for a retro throwback vibe. Opt for breezy tank tops and or vented T-shirts for a confidence boost with comfort.


Shrugging on a women’s athletic jacket is a quick way to change up your look, or add a little lightweight warmth during cooler weather. Designed to move with the body, activewear jackets are loaded with features that are functional and fashionable including hoods, toggles, zippered pockets and more.


Summer calls for tennis skirts, running skirts and activewear shorts, and they’re sure to be a staple in warmer weather so pick up a few in bright colours that will lift your mood and bring some energy to your day.


The best women's activewear doesn’t have to come from a world famous sporting brand or a fashion label. Some of the best exercise clothing doesn’t come with an iconic logo that makes it instantly recognisable, but is made for comfort, durability and provides the support you need. Shop around and you’ll find the choices are seemingly endless with shorts, tops, jackets, skirts, tracksuits and more.