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Shop Women's Slippers with Afterpay

Shop Women's Slippers with Afterpay


Women’s slippers range from wooly winter warmers to cool summer slides. Shop slipper socks, moccasins, flip flop slippers, slides, scuffs, ugg boots, slipper boots and more. There’s nothing like the comfort of slippers to make you feel relaxed and reassured at home.


Everyone loves some warm winter slippers to get cosy and stay warm on those cool mornings. Choose from long lasting leather or suede on the outside, or soft materials like chenille, suede, velour and woven knits. Slipper socks and boots (add some pom poms!) are perfect if your slippers are indoor only and spend more time on the couch than anywhere else.


As the weather warms up, women’s scuff slippers are a perfect way to take off the chill or cool down and keep your temperature just right. Keep your toes covered in slip on, slip off slippers that are perfect for that early morning bathroom run when you want warm feet, fast.


And summery weather doesn’t mean the end of slippers. Look for slides, scuffs, flip flops, and open toed slippers to keep your cool — and lighter fabrics like cotton, linen, light knits and micro suede. Whatever your style and fabric, accent with faux fur, ribbon, mesh or metallic accents.


Slippers come in a fit for every foot: wide fit, orthopedic approved, narrow feet. And feet that need arch support, or have plantar fasciitis. Cosy comfort in your sleepwear doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your foot health.


Women’s slippers can be a great gift idea — try a gift pack that treats her with new sleepwear, a fluffy robe, and slippers she will love. A great reminder to take care of yourself, and your feet! Treat a friend or yourself to some satin slippers to wear around the house — a simple everyday luxury.
Step into sleep. Shop women’s slippers with Afterpay.