Women's Umbrellas

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Shop Women's Umbrellas with Afterpay

Shop Women's Umbrellas with Afterpay


Women’s umbrellas are designed to protect you from inclement weather, but why not turn the opportunity into a style statement.


The glamorous team at Afterpay has put together a list of retailers and designers stocking functional and chic designs that will protect you from the rain, but add a little something to your overall look.


Compact women’s umbrellas are a great accessory, and you should own at least one for emergencies. During winter, you can keep it permanently in your tote bag, or tuck it away in the glovebox of your car. The handy size means you can slip it easily into hand luggage or a suitcase for a business trip or vacation so you’re always prepared for any eventuality.


A full sized umbrella brings an air of elegance with it. Tailored suits and formal dresses are best complimented by the sleek accessory, and the designs are so sophisticated they’ll have you hoping for rain. Opt for classic black or a navy blue to complement evening attire.


Dreary days call for pops of colour to brighten everyone’s mood. Choose a design in a vibrant colour, or with a pattern or print that will stand out from the crowd. It will make it easy to locate yours after you’ve left it to dry in a stand as well.


PVD edits are a clever opportunity to stay protected from the elements, but without having to awkwardly navigate your way down a busy city street. The transparent design means you can continue on your way, and make eye contact with passersby to communicate right of way.


Once you’ve made a smart selection of one or more pieces, slip them into your virtual cart and head to the online checkout where you can make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.