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Shop Women's Work Shoes with Afterpay

Shop Women's Work Shoes with Afterpay


Women’s work shoes need to be comfortable. If it’s dress shoes or pumps for the office, or slip resistant shoes to keep you going if you’re standing up at work all day, comfort and functionality are must-haves when you’re shopping for work shoes.


If you’re on your feet all day, you might need extra support for your arches or ankles, padding to avoid blisters or chafing, and soles designed to keep your feet (and back) safe. If you’re looking for shoes to suit nursing, or working in a warehouse, look for non-slip, waterproof, sneaker styles. Your shoes need to take the pressure off — extra important if you’re standing on hard surfaces like concrete all day.


The fit of your work shoes is important — if they’re too big or small you’ll be aching by the end of your shift. Try to try them on in store, or check the Australian size chart when you browse online to make sure you’re buying in the right size range. And lots of work shoes are available in narrow or wide fit, and even designed to keep sweating feet dry while you’re on the go.


Sensible work shoes don’t have to mean sacrificing all your style. Look for good quality leather and synthetic materials that allow your feet to breathe, and are easy to slip on and off — and look good at the same time. It’s possible, we promise!


For office work shoes, you can go conservative and corporate with understated heels, pumps or loafers. Or if things are a little more informal, experiment with boots in winter, printed sandals in summer, or some classic leather sneakers for casual Friday.


And your work shoe collection has to allow for those work from home days, right? Work shoes might look a little more like some canvas slip ons, slides, or warm slippers or boots to feel really at home.


Fantastic on your feet. Shop women’s work shoes with Afterpay.