Cross Border Payments

Nick Molnar, Afterpay Co-Founder and CEO, today
announced the permanent fixture and expansion of Cross Border payments, which will see
Australian and New Zealand Afterpay retailers soon be able to connect with all 2.7 million
active customers from both sides of the ditch.


Cross Border will take a phased approach and will firstly enable merchants from Australia
and New Zealand currently offering the Afterpay service online, followed by the USA.
Merchants will be able to offer Afterpay to their clients from anywhere that Afterpay is


Nick Molnar, CEO Afterpay said: “Following a successful trial of Cross Border with a handful
of merchants, we are confident that it will add value to our retail partners and open up the
opportunity for them to seek and delight new customers from different countries.

“Additional benefits to the retailers will include a simple propriety global payments solution
which will also enable funds to be settled in their country of origin, with Afterpay taking away
the complexity of foreign exchange. Customers will be able to pay directly in their currency
and not be hit with any additional foreign exchange fees after the payment is processed.”

Afterpay offers customers interest-free payment plans for online and instore
purchases. Customers can buy what they want immediately and pay it off in four equal,
interest free fortnightly instalments.

Retailers can register their interest to offer Cross Border at [email protected]