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For key statistics, policies, and to learn more about Afterpay's approach to responsible spending please download the Afterpay Fact Sheet.

October 2018

Afterpay has partnered with Primary Dental to make healthcare more accessible. Read about the partnership here.

January 2019

How Millennials Manage Money 2019 Research here.

Media Release - Research proves Millennials' responsible spending habits mean they can have their toast and eat it too. 

Senate Enquiry January 2019  – Afterpay Opening Statement

AfterPay statement 24th January 2019 
Afterpay complies with obligations under Australia’s anti-money laundering laws that require us to verify the identity of our customers, and we use an authorised third party provider to do so. 

This is a common and well-established practice in Australia.

Afterpay does not access the electoral roll directly. Afterpay, does not use data from the electoral role for commercial purposes.

One of the outcomes of these checks is that it allows Afterpay to verify that our customers are 18 years or older before they make a purchase.