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February 2019

Statement from Anthony Eisen, co-founder of Afterpay in relation to the Senate Report: 

“The Senate Committee’s report is balanced, considered and thorough and proportionate response to the industry. 

“Afterpay supports the recommendations relevant to the buy now pay later sector and believes the recommendations are sensible, appropriate and stand to provide additional protections for vulnerable Australians.

“The Senate Committee process highlighted important fundamental differences between the buy now pay later sector and traditional credit products and the need for a separate regulatory framework.

“We look forward to working with ASIC, the Government, consumers and industry on a suitable regulatory framework and to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers, including through continued innovation and improved data sharing.

“We similarly look forward to working with industry on the development of an industry code of practice. We believe this recommendation will give impetus for better industry collaboration when it comes to industry standards and better understanding customers’ profiles.

“We are aligned with policy-makers in that service providers need to find ways to collaboratively utilise technology and share information to ensure that a small segment of the population are prohibited from using services that are not suitable for them.

“Open banking presents an opportunity for Afterpay and the wider industry.”


 January 2019 Senate Enquiry – Afterpay Opening Statement


24th January 2019 
AfterPay statement 
Afterpay complies with obligations under Australia’s anti-money laundering laws that require us to verify the identity of our customers, and we use an authorised third party provider to do so. 

This is a common and well-established practice in Australia.

Afterpay does not access the electoral roll directly. Afterpay, does not use data from the electoral role for commercial purposes.

One of the outcomes of these checks is that it allows Afterpay to verify that our customers are 18 years or older before they make a purchase.


17th January 2019

How Millennials Manage Money 2019 Research here.

Media Release - Research proves Millennials' responsible spending habits mean they can have their toast and eat it too. 


October 2018

Afterpay has partnered with Primary Dental to make healthcare more accessible. Read about the partnership here.