Slay this Christmas with our festive fits guide.

by Afterpay
Nov 10, 2022      6 min read

Welcome to the silly season! Cue the work parties, family events, re-scheduled weddings and last-min hen dos. It’s both ultra fun and extremely exhausting, and you NEED to plan a party outfit line-up. Why? Strategy, baby. There’s lots of events coming up and we’re not saying you should take your planning into full-blown, colour-coded wardrobe mode, but… you should definitely start a spreadsheet. 

Our biggest, most important, and oh-so-easy tip? Embrace summer 2022’s hottest trend: dopamine dressing. We’re talking bright colours, eye-catching prints, and show-stopping silhouettes that will have all eyes on you as you sashay into each event this year. Because if you can’t go extra for this non-stop parade of summer occasions, when can you? If you don’t go big, go home (preferably via water taxi with your hair blowing in the wind).

We’ve rounded up killer looks for the 4 events you’re most likely to be roped into between now and New Years. 

Holiday office party. 

Ah, the office Christmas party. Love it or hate it, you know the festive season is truly underway when you’re watching introverted Paul from Accounts tackle ‘Living on a Prayer’ at 2am karaoke kick-ons.

Let’s face it - office Christmas parties are inevitable, unavoidable, and highly variable in terms of having actual fun. But regardless of the venue, the company, the potentially-sketchy catering and the awkward chit-chat, you can rest assured knowing you look stunning the whole time in a well-thought-out outfit.

Bright, flowy dresses are your ticket here. Feel free to rock red or green as part of the seasonal dressing vibe (you’ll score brownie points with HR for leaning into the moment, too), but avoid looking over-the-top “Christmassy” by bringing a fun pattern into the look.  

For a party that kicks off around dusk (as these work shindigs often do) embrace a sunset hue to complement your surroundings. 

The last Hen Do of the year. 

Silly season is ramping up and your bestie has thrown her huge Hen Do into the mix. Thanks, matey. Regardless of the stress and planning, you know you can nail the outfit - this is your crew! 

You can afford to go a little extra here - and even a little sexy (it’s your bud’s last hurrah, after all…save the more demure outfit for the actual wedding).  Loud, vibrant mini dresses are always a winner, but make sure you coordinate with the whole gang if there’s a theme for the bride-to-be. 

For a luxe feel, go for a fun, floral print - but bring some wow-factor with a cut-out style. 

The hottest wedding of the season. 

It’s the biggest wedding of the year and you have your heart set on finding the perfect dress (just one tiny rung below the bride’s, of course.) 

No-brainer rule number one: you can’t wear white (actually kind of a relief when you consider weddings usually involve both food and red wine). But you can make your own grand entrance - sans the wedding march, of course - with an eye-catching, romantic little number with stunning accent sleeves. 

Alternatively, if you’re down for something chic and a little bit slinky, a body-hugging silhouette will stand out in all the snaps. 

Xmas day with the fam. 

You’ve almost made it to the end of the year. You can almost taste the chill, undemanding vibes of January and its many public holidays. All that’s left is getting through xmas day with the family (or…*gulp*...your partner’s family). 

Don’t worry. You’ve got this. No amount of glazed ham or dense-as-a-black-hole Christmas pudding can stop you from looking glam as you swan from presents to lunch (paper hat compulsory) to afternoon food coma. 

The trick is to plan strategically. Think a flowy silhouette that won’t restrict you as you waddle from the table to the couch to pretend you enjoy watching the Boxing Day test match.

Something bright, casual and comfortable with a stylish flair (jumpsuits are your friend) will get you from morning present-opening, all the way through to the point your partner’s baby cousin cracks it for absolutely no reason (okay…because you ate the last piece of pavlova).

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