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Afterpay is even more powerful with Stripe.

Now it's easier than ever to tap into everything Afterpay x Stripe has to offer.

1. Go live in no time flat. 

Afterpay is available out-of-the box with your existing Stripe integration. In other words, there’s no additional onboarding or activation steps to get started.

2. One unified integration

Because Afterpay is supported on the Payment Intents API, Stripe Checkout, Connect, and mobile SDKs, there’s no need to set up and maintain a separate integration.

3. Simplifies your operations

On Stripe, reporting and payouts are unified across payment methods to simplify tracking and reconciliation.

How it works

With Afterpay, customers can pay over time with four installments while you get paid the full amount upfront. And unlike other buy-now-pay-later solutions, Afterpay offers one transparent solution to shoppers with no credit checks, no interest, no hidden fees, and no catch.

Here’s a rundown of how it’ll work for your customers:


Sign Up

No long forms or complicated terms

& conditions. Customers need their

email, phone number, address and

DOB -- that’s it.


Choose Afterpay

They’ll select Afterpay at checkout

and see what their payment

schedule looks like.


Pay over time

They’ll make their first payment at

the time of purchase and pay the

rest over 6 weeks, always interest-



Spend responsibly

We’ll send payment reminders to

make sure they never miss a beat.

(And, if they do, we pause their

account until they’re back on track.)

Experience the power of Afterpay

Reach new customers

Our retailers find that 30% or more of Afterpay shoppers are new to their brand, thanks to our 10M+ global customers - 73% of which are Millennials and Gen Z.

Increase average order values

Afterpay maximizes customer purchasing power, increasing average order value by up to 25% on average.

Increase cart conversion by 20%

Our partners see a 20% increase in cart conversion on average, and more repeat shoppers.

Join the world’s most-loved and innovative brands.

Got more questions? We’re here to help.

You can integrate Afterpay right away—no additional onboarding or activation steps required.

Stripe supports Afterpay for businesses based in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

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