Invite a friend, get $10 off

Earn up to $50 off when you invite friends to Afterpay.

Simply scan the QR code to start inviting friends today.

*Minimum purchase of $50. Terms apply.

We’re sorry to inform you that this program is not available in Rhode Island, North Dakota, Washington or Vermont. For complete terms and conditions see here.

How it Works


Invite friends to Afterpay

Share your unique code with friends and invite them to sign up.


Your friend gets $10 off

When your friend makes their first purchase of $50 or more with Afterpay using your code, they’ll get $10 off and you’ll get $10 off, applied to your account


Earn up to $50 off

You can invite up to 5 friends - that’s up to $50 applied to your current or next order. Promotion expires after 90 days if not used.