<h1>Built for health &amp;&nbsp;wellness.</h1>

Built for health & wellness.

Drive new customer acquisition, higher average order value and repeat bookings by letting your customers pay it in 4, while your business gets paid upfront.

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1 in 3
1 in 3 Afterpay customers currently use Afterpay for health & wellness services¹.

48% of Afterpay customers would shop elsewhere if Afterpay wasn’t available or would not purchase at all².


Afterpay customers visit health & wellness providers ~3.9 times per year¹.

56% of Afterpay customers who use Afterpay for health & wellness services are Millennial and Gen Z¹.


¹ Based on the number of active Afterpay customers in Australia and New Zealand who used Afterpay for health & wellness services from 1 January to 31 December 2023.

² Brand Equity-Wave 6, Australia and New Zealand, July 2022.

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Discover how Bailey Nelson reaches tens of thousands of

new customers with Afterpay.

When customers kept asking Bailey Nelson if they offered Afterpay, they became the first optometrist to launch it both online and then again in-store... and the results speak for themselves. Discover the growth story of global optometrist Bailey Nelson and the role Afterpay played in that journey.

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See how the national wellness brand CityCave increased its average order value by 50% with Afterpay.

Meet City Cave, a business whose clients all have one thing in common: they want to improve their health and wellness. Discover how Afterpay has helped revolutionise City Cave with bulk packages and sent thousands of referrals to City Cave’s website.

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Discover the story of Annerley Midnight Chempro Chemist, 
where it's all about helping the community for owner and pharmacist Bard Kalati.

That's why this pharmacy offers Afterpay.

“I think Afterpay should be an option in every pharmacy,” says Kalati. “I would highly recommend Afterpay. It will help you maintain existing customers and bring new customers in."

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