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Built for hair & beauty.

Give your clients another reason to book with you, and enjoy the business benefits - from improved cash flow to more appointments and increased loyalty.
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39% of Afterpay customers currently use Afterpay for hair & beauty products and services¹.

48% of Afterpay customers would shop elsewhere if Afterpay wasn’t available or would not purchase at all².

Afterpay customers shop hair & beauty products and services ~3.9 times per year¹.
60% of Afterpay customers who use Afterpay for hair & beauty products and services are Millennial and Gen Z¹.


¹ Based on the number of active Afterpay customers in Australia and New Zealand who used Afterpay for hair & beauty products and services from 1 January to 31 December 2023.

² Brand Equity-Wave 6, Australia and New Zealand, July 2022.

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Discover how Afterpay helped JaDs Hair double revenue from colour services.

When asked if she’d recommend Afterpay to other salons, Taryn Richardson doesn’t hesitate. “In a heartbeat,” she replies. “You’re only charged for fees as the services are used, and the potential new clients and increased revenue make it a no brainer. Consumers recognise and trust the brand.” Read on to find out how Afterpay helped JaDs double revenue from colour services, boost product sales and minimise cancellations.

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“Afterpay has doubled revenue
in parts of my business”.



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"Afterpay doubled our basket size": Rumbie & Co.

Rumbie Mutsiwa began offering Afterpay soon after launching her business six years ago – and it quickly proved to be popular. “Some people will call ahead just to make sure we do have Afterpay.” Afterpay has helped Rumbie & Co grow, too. During Afterpay Day, Rumbie & Co saw basket size double among customers who shopped
with Afterpay.

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“Afterpay increases our average order value by 20%": HiSmile.
“Afterpay was such an innovative way to get our kind of millennial consumer buying us,” says Justin Gaggino, HiSmile’s general manager. “It’s definitely the global leader in [Buy Now Pay Later] solutions and consumers trust Afterpay.” Read on to find out how Afterpay helped HiSmile scale, drive loyalty and customer retention.
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Learn how Milk and Honey Hair Salon unlocked growth by introducing Afterpay.

Milk and Honey implemented Afterpay about five years ago, to give clients more freedom and introduce a more premium offering. Since then, the salon has significantly expanded, jumping from servicing 40 clients per week to between 80 and 120 today. Six hair stations have more than doubled to 14, and Cohen employs a team of eight.

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“Afterpay has been a game-changer for us. It’s definitely contributed to our growth and success”.



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