Headline article image Let's get social! New merchant assets available!

Let's get social! New merchant assets available!

By now, most small business owners understand the opportunity of social media.

Whether you're using social media to attract new customers, promote offers and sales, or build your brand, having a strong social media presence can be pretty powerful.

Combine that power with the size of the Afterpay audience (19 million annual active customers*... and counting) and you've got a pretty big reason to start promoting your small biz on socials.

We want to help you promote your business, and attract customers who are looking for merchants offering Afterpay. But we know how busy you are! So we've created some easy-to-use social templates you can utilize across Instagram and Facebook posts to grow your sales.


Let's start with frames! You can use these to incorporate your own imagery, and there are options for adding copy too! For example, if you're having a weekend sale, add a visual of your best product behind the frame, and some exciting copy about your sale up front. Here are some examples of how you can use the frame templates...


Got your own social styles down-pat, but want to add some Afterpay messaging in there to attract customers? Utilize our social stickers to sit above any of your existing social tiles. We've included some examples below...


If you need something simple, that can suit any brand or style, we've created the etched templates. These are essentially backgrounds so you can add anything you'd like, whether that's copy, logos or imagery. We've intentionally kept these plain so you can make the best use of them. Here are some great examples of how you can use the etched assets...

All references to any registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All example images included are mockups and are not representative of the brand included. All examples and information provided is for educational purposes only.

*Source: Block Q4 2021 Shareholder Letter and Earnings Call


Written by
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly is the B2B Marketing Manager for ANZ at Afterpay, creating business-facing content to add value, offer support and help our merchants grow.
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