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Brand Summary
The Brandmark
Full Color

There are copies of the brandmark in various file formats in the brand assets pack. If you need a different format, let us know.


There are two alternative versions - Black and white color ways.




Minimum size

20MM or 50PX

Logo only

10mm or 25PX





It is important to leave space to breathe. Use white or neutral backgrounds.

An exception to this is when sitting alongside the price breakdown.
Installments by Afterpay

Two lockups are available - landscape and portrait versions. Can be used in color, black or white alternative versions.

Do's and Don'ts
How to use the Afterpay Brandmark
Don't use the full color version on dark color backgrounds, or any other colors that are close to the brandmark colors. 
Do use the reverse version on dark brandmark colors instead.
Don't rotate, bend, crop or distort the brandmark.
Don't recolor, redraw, or alter the brandmark in any way.
Don't add embellishments, drop shadows, embossing or other effects.
Color Breakdowns
Take a look at Afterpay's primary colors
Afterpay Navy
Hex #074578
RGB 7 / 69 / 120
CMYK 94 / 43 / 0 / 53
Pantone 293
Afterpay Blue
Hex #16A0D5
RGB 22 / 160 / 213
CMYK 90 / 25 / 0 / 16
Pantone 299
Afterpay Aqua
Hex #05CDD5
RGB 5 / 205 / 213
CMYK 98 / 4 / 0 / 16
Pantone 637C
Afterpay Grey
Hex #373737
RGB 55 / 55 / 55
CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 78
Pantone 447
Afterpay Magenta
Hex #EC3B91
RGB 236 / 59 / 145
CMYK 0 / 75 / 39 / 7
Pantone 7424C
Our font


Raleway (heavy) - Header Font


Raleway (regular) - Body Copy

What we say

Installments by Afterpay allows you to purchase in four equal installments, due every 2 weeks. For example, if you purchase an item for $200, you pay 4 installments of $50. There is no additional cost to use Installments by Afterpay as long as you pay on time. All of your payments are interest-free and you will receive your order right away.

What we say
Who are we?
We are customer centric

Afterpay is a unique service which was founded to champion the customer's best interests when it comes to making retail purchases.

We are a budgeting tool

Splitting payments into 4 equal installments. You pay nothing extra when you pay on time, according to your payment schedule. It is easy to view orders and payment schedules on to manage all budgets. 

We are a shopping platform

Afterpay is a lifestyle product which makes shopping more convenient. Enabling you to get the things you want when you want them, while managing payments over time.

We are a new way to shop

Afterpay gives shoppers the flexiblity they want to manage their budgets.

We encourage responsible spending

We send payment reminders — communicating via SMS and email prior to payments becoming due. Installments by Afterpay helps customers pay on time.

Installments by Afterpay benefits from customers paying off their orders full and in time. Afterpay applies personal order and account limits — they start low and increase as repayment history with Afterpay is positive.

Not sure if your collateral is on brand?

Send it to the team at [email protected] to review