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Shop Appliances with Afterpay

Shop Appliances with Afterpay


Appliances are those magical little things that save us so much time and effort in our daily lives: what’s not to love about them.

Our experts at Afterpay have put together a comprehensive list of retailers who can get you set up with the best range of useful appliances for your home including those for the kitchen and the living room.

Healthy living can take a little more effort unless you’re well set up at home. Stocking your kitchen with a blender means you can make luscious smoothies in the morning in a matter of minutes, or make a delicious winter-warmer soup when you arrive home from work.

A slow cooker is another life saving invention, that means you can dish up a delicious hot meal at the end of a long day that would have previously taken you hours. Now, no need to even stir it. Just pop the ingredients in, and your slow cooker will do the work for you.

A sleek microwave on the countertop allows you to speed up recipes and reheat meals in a hot minute. If you’ve prepared a meal earlier and stored it in the freezer, just pop it in the microwave and hit defrost.

A washing machine is a laundry appliance that will make your life so much easier. Simply pour the powder or liquid into the washing machine and go about your life until the cycle has finished.

Air purifiers are one of the hottest appliances right now, filtering out dust and germs from the air in your home. As we all try to adopt the most rigorous home hygiene, this gives a little boost with the flick of a switch. It couldn’t be easier.

Actually, it can be, when you opt for Afterpay’s easy instalment plan at the checkout.