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Shop Makeup & Cosmetics with Afterpay


Makeup and cosmetics can be high quality and still affordable as long as you know exactly where to shop online to find your favourite products.

The glamorous team here at Afterpay has gathered together a directory of the best makeup retailers so you can grab your essentials: primer, foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipliner and more, right here.

Whether you’re stocking up on the products you use regularly or exploring new collections, updating your cosmetics collection is always a treat. It opens the door to trying new looks, and makeup really can be an extension of our personalities and express who we are.

A perfect set of eyebrows is trending right now, so ensure you’re stocked with tweezers for stray hairs, brow shadow, a brow brush and pencil. Follow the natural line of your brow and fill in any gaps. The result is a set of groomed brows to die for.

Lining your lips with lipliner before putting on lipstick or lipgloss is a sure way to keep it in place for the duration of the day or evening. It’s a simple trick used by professional makeup artists, so take it onboard and add it to your routine.

Highlighters are an excellent way to get that dewy glow that leaves you looking fresh and amazingly photogenic. Choose one that’s right for your skin tone and brush it onto your cheeks, nose and temples.

Primer under foundation is a non-negotiable to bring out that revitalised look. Full coverage foundation can be substituted with BB cream or tinted moisturiser if you prefer lighter coverage.

Makeup remover wipes are an essential in your toiletry bag, as cleaning your face at the end of the day is a must. Always cleanse, tone and moisturise after using make up.