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Travel is on everyone’s favourites list, and being prepared for business and leisure trips can make them so much more enjoyable.

The adventurous team at Afterpay has put together this list of travel-related retailers who are stocking everything you need for your next adventure, from packing cubes and international power adaptors to waterproof iphone cases and cruise lanyards.

Collecting practical and personal items before you travel will save your spending money at the other end. You don’t want to be forking out for a credit card defender sleeve or luggage scale while you’re in London or New York.

A lightweight backpack or shopper is a handy item to have in your suitcase for when you venture out on day trips or a spot of sightseeing. Inevitably, you’ll pick up a few souvenirs or snacks along the way and having a small fabric bag will ensure you’re not collecting endless plastic ones and contributing to a country’s waste problem.

If you are the souvenir collecting type, make sure you travel with a small digital luggage scale so you can keep an eye on the weight of your bag. Airlines and other operators charge astronomical amounts even if you’re just one kilo over.

Arriving well rested can be down to how prepared you are for a flight, train trip or car ride. A blackout sleeping mask and some high quality earplugs can make a world of difference. A lightweight blanket will help too if you have space for it in your luggage.

If you’re the more intrepid type, a packdown emergency poncho will protect against unexpected downpours and a headlight will provide much needed light when the sun goes down.

Once you’ve loaded up on these essentials, head over to the online checkout so you can jump straight into your travel experience.