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Sunglasses are one of those magical accessories that can change an entire outfit, oozing attitude and character.
Here at Afterpay, we agree that a good pair of shades is essential in a curated wardrobe. Our glamorous team has put together an extensive list of retailers and designers stocking all the classics: cat-eye, aviators, square frames, artistic styles, metallic and reflective shades and more.
The classic cat-eye silhouette is timeless, and brings an air of sophistication to anyone who slips on this flattering frame. Black edits are iconic, while tortoiseshell softens the look a little. More modern takes on the vintage look includes floating lenses and gleaming metallic frames.
Aviators serve up utility vibes with an air of fashionista chic. They’re styled with gradient lenses for a more vintage-inspired look, and metallic frames rule the day, with silver, gold and black leading the trend.
There’s an artful edge to square framed sunglasses as they’re not a common accessory. Bold in structure and design, the square silhouette comes in acetate and metallic versions. Choose a material that will best complement your wardrobe.
Metallic and reflective lenses are so hot right now, especially when the lenses perfectly match your dress or shoes. A pretty pink, vibrant green or ocean blue are some of the most striking colours you’ll see, while gleaming gold is an opulent option.
Round frames offer up a point of difference, and bring a hint of bohemian luxury with 70s vibes. Choose rose or blue-shaded lenses to really capture the style of the time.
Lenses look spectacular when they’re free of grease and fingerprints, so invest in a specialised cleaning kit so you can give them a once-over spray and wipe before you leave home.