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Shop Food & Beverage with Afterpay

Shop Food & Beverages with Afterpay

Food and beverage options found on Afterpay have been specially hand picked by our experts, who have taken great pleasure in sampling the wares of each of the retailers on this long and delicious list.
Forming healthy habits is easy when you can order organic, keto, gluten free and other diet-requirement food options as you browse through the fridge and pantry to see what needs stocking up on.
It’s important to reward ourselves from time to time too with a sweet treat. So if you’re into chocolate, lollies, ice cream, cakes and biscuits, start scrolling for the occasional indulgence.
Beverage supplies can be a hassle to pick up physically in a store, ordering online takes the effort out of hauling them from the shop to home. Make things easy on yourself and enjoy a refreshing glass of your favourite drink with hardly any effort at all.
Ensuring you have a well-stocked pantry is another way to encourage healthy eating. A good supply of staples such as pasta, brown rice, quinoa and other grains and nuts gives a good base for weeknight meals. All you need to do is supplement with fresh vegetables and meat or fish for protein.
Other essentials include stock cubes, oil, tinned tomatoes, flour and sugar, as well as tea and coffee supplies and long-life milk for those mornings when you realise at the last minute that you’ve run out.
Making healthy choices and feeling good about them gives a kick-start to your day that is sustained until you arrive home in the evening to a pantry full of all the food and beverage choices you want and need.