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Shop Fragrances with Afterpay

Shop Fragrances with Afterpay


Fragrances are a subtle but effective way of defining who you are, capturing a little of your personality and taste in a simple spray.

The team here at Afterpay have put together a comprehensive list of the best retailers stocking well-known and boutique perfumes, colognes, body sprays, deodorants and mists designed to have you leaving a delightfully lingering trail wherever you go.

Perfumes are extremely personal, as they are designed to introduce your character. Fruity and light, floral and sweet, depthy and complex, musky and dark, the choice is yours. Reading the description of a perfume online will tell you all about its notes and the characteristics that will shine through.

Cologne is the finishing touch when a gentleman dresses, regardless of whether it’s a suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt. Spritzing on a fragrance builds confidence in your appearance and the impression you will make on others. Male scents tend to be more spicy and masculine, driven with tobacco base notes, complemented with hints of leather and vanilla or citrus for a zingy finish.

Deodorants come in many varieties these days, and for the health conscious it is possible to buy them without alcohol or aluminium. Simply spray or roll-on what works best for you to ensure body odour is under control and you feel fresh all day long.

Body sprays and hair mists give a light scent to clothing and hair as you go about your day. You can replenish throughout the day to give an extra lift to your overall mood, and be confident you smell amazing.

Home fragrance is a great way to create ambience and a welcoming atmosphere when people step into your space. Bamboo diffusers or scented candles with your chosen signature scent will become a part of your identity.