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Shop Furniture with Afterpay

Shop Furniture with Afterpay


Furniture being available online makes redecorating your home a whole lot easier, and you can create a look that captures your personal style with elegant, modern, period or contemporary designs.

Here at Afterpay, we’ve put our interior design minds together to bring you the most extensive list of the best furniture retailers around so we can save you time while you select a new couch, bed, dining table, coffee table, bookshelf, desk or outdoor setting.

Your living room is the heart of the home, so choosing a sofa set that suits your style is important. Think about colour as well as texture, and whether you’ll be adding a coffee table or side tables when it’s installed. A rug can work wonders in bringing a look together, and ambient lighting will really set the scene.

According to research, you’ll spend a third of your life snuggled in your bedroom, so you’d better make it a comfortable experience. A bed is a feature, as is a chaise longue or armchair and chest of drawers. Choose a bed with a frame or bedhead to fill a space more aptly. Bedside tables are great for ensuring there is a place for everything and reducing clutter.

Outdoor furniture will make your garden or balcony the place to be all year round. Choose an outside dining table and chairs if you enjoy entertaining, or a set of chairs with a drinks table for more low-key soirees.

When you’re thinking about the furniture in your home, take some time to consider colour schemes. Colours play a great role in energising and soothing, so bright colours are encouraged in a living room and kitchen, while pastels and neutrals work well in creating a relaxing bedroom and clean bathroom.