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Shop Health & Wellness with Afterpay

Shop Health & Wellness with Afterpay


Health and beauty regimes are an indulgence that we all deserve and should make time for. Taking care of ourselves is important, as it boosts self confidence and gives you a moment to relax.

The self-care centric team here at Afterpay have put together this list of our favourite retailers who have every product you could possibly need to start some beauty treatments right from home. Your budget, and your body, will love you for it.

Hair, skin and nails are where we usually focus our attention for health and beauty regimes, as they’re likely to get the most attention, and people can see and appreciate the effort you put in.

Hair masks, shampoos and conditioners and hair treatments are a quick but effective way to give your hair a little boost that will leave it silky and shiny. Many treatments take 1-3 minutes and can be applied and washed out in one shower, so stock up on a few and make it part of your routine.

There is no substitute for a good skincare routine. You should cleanse, tone and moisturise every day to protect and preserve your complexion, and the result will be glowing, healthy looking skin. A loofah can help to scrub away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and revitalised. Face masks are another quick treatment you can do right at home, so pick up a few different face masks to try.

Nail care is simple to achieve, and with a few supplies, you can start doing your pedicure right from home. Nail scissors, a skin buffer and cuticle sticks are all you need for a basic pedicure, plus a scented foot scrub. The same goes for nails, and you’ll achieve beautifully soft manicured hands in no time.