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Shop Home decor with Afterpay

Shop Home Decor with Afterpay


Home decor encompasses all the little finishing touches that make a house and home, creating a welcoming environment after a long day at work.

Afterpay’s team of interior design experts have created a list of all their favourite home decor retailers, so you can start adding a few extras to your space that are going to make a world of difference.

Infuse your entryway and living room with a signature scent. This is easily done with a fragrant aromatherapy candle or a bamboo diffuser, both of which double as attractive accessories on a sideboard or table.

Living rooms are easily transformed with a few throw cushions artfully arranged on a sofa or armchair. Splashes of colours, sparkling fabrics or knitted textures will add depth and a snuggle-factor to your couch, inviting guests to sit and make themselves comfortable.

Linens are an all-important part of home decor, and are a small and affordable indulgence. Crisp sheets, pillow cases and duvets made from natural breathable fibres will guarantee a great night’s sleep, while fluffy towels and bathmats welcome you as you step out of a steamy shower.

Outdoor and garden areas are also easily accessorised with fairy lights, tiki torches and lanterns for ambience in the evenings, and during the day, brightly coloured cushions and umbrellas lend a playful air.

Mirrors are an invaluable tool for making a space seem bigger than it is, and that’s ideal in apartment living. Invest in a chic mirror that will catch the light and expand your space in the most inexpensive way possible.

Floor coverings such as throw rugs, mats and carpets work to soften a space, including the kitchen, hallway, entryway or living room, and one beside the bed will make it easier to get up on cold mornings.