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Baby and kids shoes are a special purchase as a little person gets ready to take their first steps into the big wide world, but before they do that, protecting their little feet is paramount.


The team at Afterpay knows all about stepping out stylishly, and have put together this list of the best retailers and designers so you can find the very best for the tiny feet in your life.


One of the first things to look for when shopping for baby and kids shoes is that they’re crafted from natural materials, where possible. Buttery soft leather, cool cotton and protective canvas are a few materials that are durable and will be amazingly comfortable to wear.


Elasticated uppers and ankles are gentle on soft skin, and are easy to slip on and off little feet, saving time when dressing and getting out the door. Small slip-on shoes are a great option as they pack easily into a changing bag or backpack.


Small cotton socklets are also a great option for keeping warm babies during winter and protecting feet as little ones play, crawl and balance standing up. You can find socks with grip on the bottom for when your little one takes those first few wobbly steps.


Mini-me versions of adult designer shoes are available for special occasions. They’re head-turningly cute, and will spark conversation at any event you attend. Look for shell-toe sneakers with canvas stripes in bright colours for effortless casual.


Baby and kids shoes are a great gift to offer to new parents, as they are always great to have on-hand. Gentle pastel colours are always a good option, while bright pops of colour or cute prints can bring a smile to a baby's face.