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Pets and equestrian supplies can run out pretty quickly when you have a hungry animal in the house. Ordering bird seed, dog food, cat food, rabbit food, fish flakes and other items online is quick and easy, leaving you with more quality time for your best friend.
The animal-loving team at Afterpay has gathered together a list of its favourite pet supply retailers, so you can find exactly what you need from a trusted online supplier.
Leashes made of high quality materials can show a little of your pet’s personality, with colours, metallic studs or patterns. You can find retractable tape leads that offer more control, or extra long leashes that allow more distance for your furry friend.
Toys and treats are in high supply, so leave some room in your cart for a tasty little surprise for your furry friend. Squeaky chew toys, bells and scratch poles will provide endless hours of fun.
A good night’s sleep is best spent curled up in comfy cosy dog and cat beds. Find one that is snug, but gives your pet enough room to move around in. A deep water dish and food bowl will ensure they have all the necessities close by.
Equestrian sports call for a wardrobe that is durable and supportive, and flexes with every movement of the body. Gloves and boots are equally important, as it’s the movement of your hands and feet that will communicate and direct the gait of your horse. In case things don’t go as planned, a study horse-riding helmet will protect you from any serious damage.
Once you’ve rounded up everything you need, you can head over to the online check out, where you can take advantage of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.