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Shop TVs, Computers & Laptops with Afterpay

Shop Computers & Laptops with Afterpay


Computers and laptops have become an everyday essential, and between them, the two will have you covered when you’re at home or on the move.

The tech-savvy team here at Afterpay have put their heads together to create this list of the best retailers supplying a range of technical goods that will have you connected wherever you are.

More and more, laptops are becoming an essential item to have with you when you leave the household. The lightweight models are ideal for people conducting that list minute piece of work before boarding a flight, or school kids who need to be able to slip it into a backpack.

The models are becoming more durable so they can withstand a bit of movement in a carry all or backpack, and everything can be easily backed up so if you do happen to walk out the door without it, you can still access all your information.

Computers are so useful for the home, and if you have a study set up or home office, it’s always more effective to use a larger monitor so you can really focus on what you’re doing. Having that dedicated home space anchors you more closely to your work, and brings out your inner initiative. Gamers love big screens and great sound systems to fully immerse themselves in the game.

All the extra accessories can be used wirelessly, such as surround sound systems and printers. Click print from any room in the house, and your home network will have printed whatever you need by the time you reach the study.

Having a computer or laptop handy at home means you can easily shop online too, and make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan when you arrive at the check out.